Teams WyID Transfers

Wyscout Teams Transfers API

Wyscout Teams Transfers API

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Retrieves all the transfer's information for the given team.

Request URL:{wyId}/transfers


( * parameters are mandatory)

Name Type Default Description
wyId * integer null Unique ID for the required team
details string null Objects to be detailed (separated by commas). See Notes(1) for available objects
fromDate* string null Transfers from date 'fromDate' (format: 0000-00-00)
toDate* string null Transfers to date 'toDate' (format: 0000-00-00)


Property Type Condition Value Description
transfer array always Dynamic Transfer for the requested team
– playerId integer always Dynamic Player transfer info
– fromTeamId integer always Dynamic Team Unique ID
– fromTeamName string always Dynamic Team name
– toTeamId integer always Dynamic Unique ID for destination team
– toTeamName string always Dynamic Team name
– active integer always Dynamic Active flag
– startDate string always Dynamic Transfer Start Date
– endDate string always Dynamic Transfer End Date
– type string always See Notes(2) Transfer type
– value integer always Dynamic Transfer value
– currency string always See Notes(3) Transfer currency
– announcedDate string always Dynamic Announced Date of Transfer
– teamsData object details=teams Dynamic Teams data
— fromTeam object always Dynamic Team From details (see GET teams/{wyId} for more info)
— toTeam object always Dynamic Team To details (see GET teams/{wyId} for more info)
– player object details=player Dynamic Player data

1. Available objects for additional details

Object Description
teams Team details
player Player details

2. Available transfer type

Transfer type
Free Transfer
Back from Loan
Free Agent
Player Swap

3. Available currency


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