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Wyscout Round API

Wyscout Round API

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Retrieves informations about a given round.

Request URL:{wyId}


( * parameters are mandatory)

Name Type Default Description
wyId * integer null Unique ID for the required round
details string null Objects to be detailed (separated by commas). See Notes(1) for available objects


Property Type Condition Value Description
wyId integer always Dynamic Unique ID for this round
name string always Dynamic Round name
type string always see Notes(2) Round type
startDate string always Dynamic Round start date
endDate string always Dynamic Round end date
competitionId integer always Dynamic Round competition ID
competition string details=competition Dynamic Round competition details (see GET competitions/{wyId} for more info)
seasonId integer always Dynamic Round season ID
season string details=season Dynamic Round season details (see GET seasons/{wyId} for more info)


1. Available objects for additional details

Object Description
competition Competition details (see GET competitions/{wyId} for more info)
season Season details (see GET seasons/{wyId} for more info)

2. Available round types

Type Description
table The round contains a table (group or league table)
cup The round contains a cup structure (knock-out)

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