Referees WyID

GET /v2/referees/{wyId}

GET /v2/referees/{wyId}

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Retrieves informations about a given referee.

Request URL:{wyId}


( * parameters are mandatory)

Name Type Default Description
wyId * integer null Unique ID for the required referee


Property Type Condition Value Description
wyId integer always Dynamic Unique ID for this referee
shortName string always Dynamic Short name
firstName string always Dynamic First name
middleName string always Dynamic Middle name
lastName string always Dynamic Last name
birthDate string always Dynamic Date of birth
birthArea object always see Notes(1) Details of birth area
passportArea object always see Notes(1) Details of passport area
gender string always see Notes(2) Referee gender
status string always see Notes(3) Referee activity status


1. Details of area object

Property Type Value Description
id integer Dynamic Area number (as per ISO 3166-1 specification)
alpha2code string Dynamic Area two-letters code (as per ISO 3166-1 specification)
alpha3code string Dynamic Area three-letters code (as per ISO 3166-1 specification)
name string Dynamic Area english short name (as per ISO 3166-1 specification)

2. Available gender values


3. Available referee statuses

Status Description
active The referee is currently active
retired The referee has retired
died The referee is dead

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