Players WyId Injuries

GET /v2/players/{wyId}/injuries

GET /v2/players/{wyId}/injuries

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Returns the list of injuries.

Request URL:{wyId}/injuries


( * parameters are mandatory)

Name Type Default Description
wyId * integer null Unique ID for the required player
fetch string null Objects to be fetched (separated by commas). See Notes(1) for available objects


Property Type Condition Value Description
injuries array always Dynamic List of injuries for the required player
– injuryType string always Dynamic Defines broadly the reason of the injury itself
– injuryLocalization string always Dynamic Denotes in more detail (if known) which specific body part is injured
– injurySide string always Dynamic Defines the region of the body that the injury applies to
– fromDate string always Dynamic The starting date of the injury
– untilDate string always Dynamic The ending date of the injury
– gamesMissed integer always Dynamic The number of games missed due to the injury
– isDisease integer always Dynamic Is the injury considered a disease?
– description string always Dynamic The actual complete string we found related to the injury

1. Available objects for additional details

Object Description
player Player details (see GET players/{wyId} for more info)

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