Notification Webhook

Table of contents

Table of contents

Wyscout Notifications

Wyscout webhooks are meant to help automate tasks such as data retrieval or data processing relative to particular events, subscribable on our platform.
Everytime an event you subscribed gets triggered, we take care of sending you an HTTP POST request to your configured target URL.

Supported events

Our events names are expressed using the object dot notation, similarly to the one used by Javascript to address the objects of a JSON instance.

We currently support these events:

  • wyscout.contents.teamsheet_available triggered when a teamsheet is available
  • wyscout.contents.match_available triggered when a match is available
  • wyscout.contents.tag_available triggered when a match has been tagged
  • private.uploaded.teamsheet triggered when a private teamsheet has been uploaded

Content types list

contentType contentId refers to
wyscout.contents.match_available matches
wyscout.contents.teamsheet_available matches
wyscout.contents.tag_available matches
private.uploaded.teamsheet matches


Request headers

Our payloads are sent as HTTP POST requests with headers marked with Content-type application/json.

Request body

The data present in the body in expressed in JSON format.
These are the keys that can be found in out Webhook requests.

Name Type Description
players array Data about players involved in the match
match object Generic data about the match
contentType string The type of the content involved in the notification
contentData object The data of the notification
contentId string The id of the content involved in the notification
followed array Stuff that you follow involved in the match

Notification content example

  "players": [
      "id": "114",
      "wyId": "21296",
      "name": "R. Palacio",
      "teamId": "1244"
    // here you will find an object for each player of the match
  "match": {
    "id": "1836547",
    "wyId": "1583853",
    "areaName": "Italy",
    "areaId": "99",
    "teamAId": "1255",
    "teamBId": "1244",
    "teamAName": "Atalanta",
    "teamBName": "Internazionale",
    "competitionId": "13",
    "competitionName": "Serie A",
    "scoreA": "1",
    "scoreB": "4",
    "seasonId": "9757",
    "seasonName": "2014/2015",
    "roundName": "Regular Season",
    "roundId": "27139",
    "refereeName": "L. Banti",
    "refereeId": "59491",
    "coachAId": "194718",
    "coachBId": "110800",
    "coachAName": "S. Colantuono",
    "coachBName": "R. Mancini",
    "status": "Played",
    "data": "2015-02-15 14:00:00"
  "contentType": "notifications.wyscout.contents.match_available",
  "contentData": {},
  "followed": [
      "id": "13",
      "type": "competition",
      "name": "Serie A"
      "id": "1836547",
      "type": "match",
      "name": "Atalanta - Internazionale, 1 - 4"